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Left’s antidote worse than the disease?

The conventions of reformist left movements Democratici di Sinistra and La Margherita, last week, marked their De Facto fusion into the newborn Partito Democratico (PD), in what seems  like an a

The left tries to survive

From Tokyo, where he is visiting his Japanese counterpart, Prime Minister Romano Prodi has again stated he will not accept any electoral reform not supported by a broad consensus: “I insist”,

Italy’s NGOvernement

A political storm has hit Italy after the beheading of Adjmal Nashkbandi, Daniele Mastrogiacomo's interpreter, on Sunday afternoon, twenty-four hours before ultimatum set by the Talibans. Both t

The right splits on Afghanistan

Four or five additional helicopters and an unspecified number of armoured veichles. These are the reinforcements that will be sent to Italy’s troops in Afghanistan, as decided by the Supreme De

Casini gives an helping hand to Prodi

The decree on the refinancing of Italy’s mission in Afghanistan, which passed on Tuesday at the Senate also thanks to the votes of Casini’s opposition party “UDC”, confirmed the fact that

Senate to vote on Afghanistan mission

As a very split senate prepares to vote the refinancing of Italy’s military mission in Afghanistan on tuesday, Prime Minister Prodi feigns confidence: “I am not worried. I want to see who w

Prodi’s struggle to survive

As Italy’s political scene reshaped after the resignation of Prime Minister Romano Prodi on February 21st, the “new” cabinet appears as unstable as its predecessor as a consequence of its sma

Prodi resurrected

Italy’s political scene, shaken by the resignation of Prime Minister Romano Prodi on February 21st,  is beginning to unravel as the “new” cabinet collected the confidence of both the high a