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A letter filled with a bullet, the justice minister investigated, Italian nightmares or political truth?

Romano Prodi's cabinet is probably facing the most difficult situation since it came to power in April 2006. A couple of big scandals are jeopardizing the majority and even the prime minister hi

New center-left party will be born under adverse circumstances

On Sunday, October 14th primaries will be held for the election of the leader of the new Democratic Party which is going to be by far the biggest p

Fear of elections forces the government to stay together

Prime minister Romano Prodi announced on friday night that the various parties of his governing coalition had found a compromise to pass a new budget plan. Tensions had been growing in the govern

EU and ECB raise doubts over the level of public spending

Jean Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank, and Joaquin Almunia, EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, have expressed concern ab

A new electoral law, but not too quickly

Addressing the international trade and industrial fair "Fiera del Levante", on Saturday Prime Minister Prodi said that changing Italy's electoral law was fundamental and would not lead to early e

Raise in tax revenue: public’s confidence or fiscal pressure?

In response to the growing tax protest throughout the country, Premier Romano Prodi on Friday argued that a boom in tax revenue demonstrated the public's confidence in the government and its acti

Pension reform fails to meet future challenges

Prime Minister Romano Prodi announced on friday morning that his center-left government has found an agreement with labor union representatives on the principles of a new pension reform. The new

A Sicilian-Pakistani sunstroke

In his speech at a conference on the integration of Muslim immigrant communities on Wednesday, Interior Minister Giuliano Amato nonchalantly declared that beating women is a "Sicilian-Pakistani

Former intelligence chief might reveal 20 years of state secrets

On July 8th Nicolò Pollari, former chief of the Italian Military and Security Service (SISMI), shocked the political scene in Italy by declaring that he mig

Veltroni’s Wooly Candidacy

At the Fiat factory in Turin, Rome's Mayor Walter Veltroni launched his candidacy for the leadership of the Democratic Party, the new movement meant to bring some unity to the lefts' catastrophi