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Casini leaves the centre-right but struggles to find a new alliance

While Pier Ferdinando Casini (UDC) has now definitely left the centre-right alliance, there is as yet no political pole to which he might turn instead. His UDC, the so-called “White Rose” (

Fini and Berlusconi agree on a joint list

The leaders of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, and Alleanza Nazionale, Gianfranco Fini, have agreed to present their parties under a joint list at the April elections. Their list, called 'Pe

Marini is walking a narrow path

After Romano Prodi lost a vote of confidence in the Senate on January 24th, President Giorgio Napolitano held consultations with political leaders from all parties. He then gave Franco

Italians side with Pope Benedict in the controversy on intellectual freedom

Last week Pope Benedict XVI cancelled a vistit to La Sapienza, Rome’s biggest university. The pope had been scheduled to speak at the opening ceremony of the academic year on January 17t

Prodi and Padoa Schioppa are divided on tax cuts

In response to demands from the radical left, prime minister Romano Prodi has now promised income tax cuts for low-income families. However, his economy minister Tommaso Padoa Schioppa has immedi

Has the Italian economy really fallen behind Spain’s?

Just before Christmas, news that Spanish per capita income had overtaken Italy’s surprised many Italians and left Spain’s prime minister Jose Luis Zapatero celebrating. At the start of the

Finance police chief resigns after being exonerated

Roberto Speciale, former head of the Italian finance police, has handed in his resignation only a few days after a regional tribunal decided that his removal from office by the government had been

Government divisions on Alitalia put the future of the company in doubt

The Prodi government is divided on how to solve the crisis of Italy’s flagship airline Alitalia. Members of the centre-left coalition are undecided whether to sell the government stake in th

Bertinotti’s war of words revives memories of Prodi’s downfall in 1998

An unusually bitter row has erupted between Fausto Bertinotti, president of the Chamber of Deputies and prime minister Romano Prodi. Bertinotti has called P

Government survival is in Dini’s hands

The Prodi government survived a crucial budget vote on Thursday night. However, it has become clear that by now it no longer has a solid center-left majority in the Senate. While former prime min