Tahrir Square

Attention please, the Egyptian Revolution is going backwards


The last week was filled with major events on the Political scene in Egypt, rising anger is the major feeling among the activists and protestors, this anger is fed by confrontations between the protestors in Tahrir square and the police forces that lasted from the 28th of June night until the 29th afternoon which resulted of more than 1000 injured. Sharaf's government position towards this event was ambiguous!

Investigations were issued, more than 40 persons were detained for investigation yet results are not clear. Military prosecutions for political activists, the slow pass of trials of the former regime figures is increasing the anger in the Egyptian streets. Clashes between the police forces and the residents of the City of Suez were renewed as a consequence of the release of Police officers accused of killing some of Suez demonstrators.

Liberals, Muslim brotherhood, Salafis, the most popular presidential candidates, political awareness movements even housewives, no hesitation, everyone decided to go down in the street for demonstrations. Transitional government appeals to people's commitment to peaceful demonstrations.

The protestors are conferring withdrawing confidence from Sharaf Government. The rage is greater than ever, protestors feel that their revolution was stolen by slow decisions, after the conflict between the liberals and the Islamists about the priorities whether it is the constitution first or the parliamentary elections first. Mainstreams unified their demands, the 8th of July 2011 million gathering "Milyoneya" demand is "the revolution first".

Number of other demands such as speeding the trial of old former regime figures, the punishment of the revolution martyrs' assassins, equality in income distribution, stopping the military trials for civilians, security restoration in the Egyptian streets are also raised.

Tahrir square is wearing the sit-in cloths again, tints everywhere, stages are prepared for the big demonstration, a huge umbrella is foreseen to be build in the square for avoiding the sun direct heat, leaflets are distributed. Demonstrators organized security and check-in committees for securing the entrance of the square. Everyone is ready for the big day.

The remained question Is: will the military council be ready to meet the demands of the demonstrators?



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