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Renzi e la sinistra Pd, Civati e Cuperlo hanno il maldipancia

C'è maretta nel Pd dopo l'accelerata di Matteo Renzi. Pippo Civati e i leftist hanno il maldipancia, lo stesso Civati ha inorizzato sul fatto che Renzi avrà come alleato Ncd in S

Bersani, Vendola, Grillo

Italy vs. Obama?

President Obama barely feigns interest in Europe, but the State Department is in no position to neglect it. The composition of the next Italian parliament, which will control the purse strings of

Inside Italy

The state of the Italian left

After defeat in the referendum of the 12th June, with his government under pressure from his increasingly rowdy coalition partners and the country facing a growing fiscal crisis, one mig

Inside Italy

What’s wrong with Berlusconi

It isn't exactly easy to understand what's going on in Italian politics right now. Berlusconi's no saint, that's for sure. There is, however, a struggle for power going on in our country now: Ber

The European Elections: a big defeat for politics and politicians

History is repeating itself: during the year of the global economic cr