The Left without Berlusconi

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The Left without Berlusconi

23 Maggio 2007

After may 12th , when the
left once again showed its evident internal divisions in its factions’ approach
to the “family day”, a new split is expected over US President Bush’s visit to Rome, on june 9th
. In fact, while Prime Minister Prodi, President Napolitano and Pope Benedict
are preparing their warm welcome, the left’s different faces are getting ready
for their “yankee go home” day.

Casarini’s “Disobbedienti” a
no-global radical movement, partly responsible for the violent clashes with the
police that took place at the G8 summit in july 2001, will gather in the
central Piazza Navona, promising a new Genova.

Meanwhile, the moderate
“governmental” left will be elsewhere, assembled in a more pacific sit-in, in
order not to bring too much embarrassment to the many Minister who will find
themselves sitting at the same table with America’s President and his
“blood-dripping hands”, as defined by coalition party Comunisti Italiani
Secretary Oliviero Diliberto.

As epically proclaimed by Luca
Casarini, who demanded free train tickets for all the “pacifists” who desire to
demonstrate in Rome,
“on june 8th the left’s history splits”. Indeed, it does.

Once again, it seems more and  more evident that the only uniting element of
this left disappeared the day of the election. It was its hatred for former
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Apparently, not even power, let
alone ideology or principles, can take his place.